Mapleton Acadian Forest Nature Preserve

The Mapleton Acadian Forest Trail is an interpretive nature trail near Elgin, New Brunswick, constructed and maintained by the Elgin Eco Association. The trail provides an opportunity to learn about the Acadian Forest and how it responds to a variety of human disturbances. The trail features 9 interpretive signs, 2 footbridges and crosses a wide variety of forest types and conditions.

In order to maintain our trail and purchase the land we have many ways to donate.

Cheque mailed to Elgin Eco Association c/o Moranda VanGeest 55 Stewart Rd Elgin E4Z 2J8

E-transfer directly from your account to ours.

Steps to create or send an e-transfer:
1) Log into your banking account online.
2) Go to a tab or link for transferring money.
3) Click on e-transfer
4) Send a new e-transfer
5) Write in
6) Select which account you want the money withdrawn from
7) Choose a security question such as , “What am I helping to save?” “trail” or “Where is the trail?” “Mapleton” or another question of your choice. Please be sure to email the answer in an email to the receipient.
8) Click send
9) Be sure to email EEA with the answer to your question

Thank you so much for helping to save our trail!