About Us

The Elgin Eco Association (EEA) is committed to promoting the viability of our small rural community of Elgin by:

1) promoting environmentally friendly practices including eco-tourism, recreation, employment, and other ventures
2) working to protect and improve our environment



EEA meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
These meetings are open to anyone
(no membership is required).  Winter meetings are currently being held in the Elgin Seniors Centre, with summer meetings at the Elgin W.I. Hall. For more information, please call Moranda at 756-2518.

Our History

It was a bleak day in June, 2002 when school buses pulled up in front of the Elgin Elementary School for the last time. Students, teachers, parents said tearful farewells. A community waved good-bye. Our school was closing.

Elgin, like many other historically vibrant rural communities, seemed to be an endangered species.

The next summer, in July 2003, a small group of energetic local people decided to act to preserve the distinctive wooden building which had been the village school. The idea was to transform the former school into an eco-centre which might contain a hostel, restaurant, environmental displays, museum, gift shop, offices … Those were the dreams.

To be recognized, our local citizen group had to show that it meant “business”. It was officially incorporated as the Elgin Eco Association or EEA in July, 2004 and welcomed as a partner of the Fundy Model Forest.

In the years since the school closure, our grassroots non-profit organization has steadily gained new members. While owning and transforming the school into an eco-centre no longer seems feasible, the EEA has not given up on the idea of establishing an “eco-centre” at another location within the community. In the meantime, the EEA continues to work at showcasing the Elgin area, and will continue to define its purposes of promoting economic and environmental sustainability through educational projects, events and fundraisers.